Using Sepholia instead of Goerli

What do you think of using Sepholia instead of Goerli?
As we all know Goerli is depleting in Faucet


Facts, I fully stand with this proposal


I believe testnet will be completed before Goerli is shut down. No point in spending time switching it.


Yeah, I believe we should switch to Sepolia.

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spolia and goerli faucet

I think for now everyone has enough goerli ETH for Testnet and beside testnet campaign will soon be over.

This is logical. If we are on the right time frame. Then don’t need to switch. Let’s continue to stress test the system :grinning:

Good morning,

Thank you for your proposal, now we have deployed the contract on Goerli, and because we wanted to launch as soon as possible, we couldn’t change from Goerli to Sepolia! But this is why we made the faucet claim in our Discord! Hope this helps!

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