The mystery of tasks 4 and 5

Has anybody found what are tasks 4 and 5?


I’m not sure.
Let me list the task I’ve done so far.

Bought $RFM.
Staked it.
Claimed rewards.
Subcribe to news letter.
Login to the snapshot page and joined.
And i’ve created an account here on the discussion forum.


my guess is one of the tasks is forced claim, which should be possible per whitepaper but i have no idea how to do so, i dont know how to use a smart contract with only remix


All you need is the smart contract

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I managed to do almost every possible task with the smart contract, still 3/6 tasks. We as a team also checked a dammn lot of older wallets interacted with reformdao and none has more then 3/6 tasks done.

Which smart contract?

I still go 3/6 but I had a tip that this discussion site might be one of them

still 3/6
cant figure out it

interesting, the fact that team play with quest system

I did same also wrote contract a but still 3 out of 6 unfortunatel

Someone needs to make a tutorial video cause its confusing for so many.

thank you…I am still 3 from 6