The journey of Reform and me

The first 3 months of reform, I was very annoyed by the reforming process. It was very hard to find out tasks, and also the testnet site was very laggy at activeness. I was very very dipressed failing over and over to achieve 6 tasks all along. My highest gratitude to few reformers who actively didn’t help me at all, but also encouraged me that if he/she is doing it, so can I. And, thats the reform :sweat_smile:
However, rite today its all opposite. I am watching or more can be said forming together a revolutionary ecosystem on blockchain which is gonna be one of a kind :star_struck:
Good luck Reform Pioneers for introducing an unique process.
The Learn to Earn trick on also is a very brain hammering innovating event for a novice like me to know Reform from begining to till date.

booooom lfg, thanks for sharing G