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I would start with how revolutionary Reform is going to be


Has anyone figured out task 4 and 5 yet?


Not that I’ve seen. I wonder if it has to do with processing a certain amount of tx’s?

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Im even trying to understand how the LP work hahaha. I also got 3/6 tasks. Might be the number of txs o an X amount of volumen traded, but who knows :smiley:

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Not yet. But do you know what is task 4?

those 2 last task feel impossible to find :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I’m still stuck on task 2, how do you guys reached task 3 even?

i think the voting is a new task

how to add refm token to metamask

If anyone wants to add RFRM & eRFRM to your wallet, heres the CA:

eRFRM: 0x4Ed3c0dA2694c573EAb8B4EfAd40796752282386

RFRM: 0x794A250aB60B0703Cdfcc3Deb7d6048D74658E88



Same here. I got 3 of 6. Can’t find what are other 3 tasks.

one task is for sure force claim RFRM, one should be LP Staking and one could be voting, dont ask me how to do this