How to unstake rfrm and lp

Unstake your RFRM & LP
Enter staking contract address into goerli etherscan
Staking contract: 0x6a1c92A4A4CBc133c9d679b21cC9eB5795e5b51C

  1. Click contract
  2. Click write contract
  3. Connect web 3 wallet
  4. Click #16. Withdraw
    Use these values to unstake RFRM:
    pid = 0
    lid = 0
    did = 1
    amount = 1

Use these values to Unstake LP:
pid = 1
lid = 0
did = 0
amount = 1111111111111111

Please try and follow these instructions and use google to find the links, I don’t want to be sending links in DMs to a bunch of people


Thanks for this Ser
I appreciate the effort


are this part of the task sir? I am still at 4 of 6. thanks

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yes, i can create more article on it if you need more

been trying that but nothing happens. still I am on 4 out of 6 tasks.

what about now, where are you?

Thank you for your effort, man, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me or maybe I don’t really understand it.

follow me and on notification, i will drop a full guide on how to complete 5/6 of the task

I’ve completed 5/6.

I’m looking for the 6th. Seeing that the Unstake button appeared on the dashboard i unstaked but It hasn’t reflected on the Dashboard. Now i don’t know if it is the checker or the wrong task.

Og sighting you from this angle just joined