How to add LP using $RFRM token on the testnet

ok im done sir,im read your tutorial,thanks for sharing

Pada Min, 11 Feb 2024 pukul 18.17 Mazdoor via Reform DAO <> menulis:


Amazing. Congratulations :tada::clap::tada:

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I am trying to add the LP token to Reform Testnet Liquidity Staking Pool – I am getting Internal Server Error.

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SIR,im fnish task add lp,stake and claim,but my task only 3/6? how about your task ? 3/6 or 5/6?

Pada Sen, 12 Feb 2024 pukul 01.26 Mazdoor via Reform DAO <> menulis:

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Did you completed the LP task on reform dashboard testnet?

How many task did you completed out 6

  • Update on the LP staking, it is not one of the 5 tasks. That’s straight from a Reform team member. It will most likely be the 6th though, so we’re ahead of the game.

Hello Vornado, Can you please outline the 6 Tasks and How to do them? Reason why I am asking: I checked on the whitelist site and it gives me 3/6

@0xMazdoor To be honest bro I don’t know exactly what the tasks are.

Just make sure to do the following:

Buy bonds (eRFRM) with gETH, they will automatically stake
Buy bonds with USDT & USDC
Claim those rewards

Swap gETH for RFRM on Uniswap
Stake RFRM directly to Single Side Staking on testnet
Claim rewards

Force claim your staked eRFRM for RFRM
You do this through the smart contract via the eRFRM contract page

  1. Click on Contract
  2. Write Contract
  3. Connect your wallet used for Reform
  4. Click Claim User Vesting
  5. Enter “0” ( zero, not O)

You can create your own liquidity pool with gETH/RFRM on Uniswap V3

Use Uniswap V2 to add liquidty to the gETH/RFRM pool

Stake your LP tokens on testnet
Claim those rewards

Sign up on Snapshot

These are the things I’ve done, I’m not sure which ones actually completed tasks.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 8.02.49 AM


@tiara123 did u solved?

Wow, trying this one now. Thanks fam

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im solved,my task show 5/6 now

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thanks ser,finaly im finish task

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@tiara123 You’re welcome. Glad you were able to get the 5 tasks done. We will get the 6th done very soon.

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how did you do that :man_shrugging:

@Jbvai Scroll up to my previous message

Very informative and well written. Thank you fren for sharing this with the whole community.

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Not working

I provide LP on uniswap v2

I have uni v2 lp token on MM

But when put LP on reform liquidity pool staking . I Was getting error

I didn’t put max FOR stake

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Yes we are aware. As per the latest Discord announcement: “Staking and LP staking functionalities are currently offline for maintenance”

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Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

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