How to complete 5/6 Testnet Task

Contract Addresses:

eRFRM: 0x4Ed3c0dA2694c573EAb8B4EfAd40796752282386

RFRM: 0x794A250aB60B0703Cdfcc3Deb7d6048D74658E88

gETH/RFRM LP Token: 0x6B11EF101A38F098b662818664445fc0e25E66c6

Staking Contract: 0x6a1c92A4A4CBc133c9d679b21cC9eB5795e5b51C

(add this through metamask first)

Buy bonds (eRFRM) with gETH, they will automatically stake
Buy bonds with USDT & USDC (swap gETH or RFRM for it on Uniswap)
Claim those rewards

Swap gETH for RFRM on Uniswap (make sure you’re connected on the goerli network)
Enter RFRM address to bring up the token
RFRM: 0x794A250aB60B0703Cdfcc3Deb7d6048D74658E88

Stake RFRM directly to Single Side Staking on testnet
Claim rewards

Claim user vesting (this will send actual RFRM to your wallet)
You do this through the smart contract via the eRFRM contract page
Enter the eRFRM contract address into goerli etherscan
eRFRM: 0x4Ed3c0dA2694c573EAb8B4EfAd40796752282386

  1. Click on Contract
    **2. **Write Contract
  2. Connect to Web 3 (make sure to use your wallet used for Reform)
  3. Click Claim User Vesting
  4. Enter “0” ( zero, not O)
  5. Then write
  6. Confirm TX in your wallet
    Go back and do it again but put a 1 this time for #5
    Can keep doing it, but keep the number sequence going, so the 4th time you would put a 3, then a 4, etc. Once is probably enough, but I did it more

Create your own liquidity pool with gETH/RFRM on Uniswap V3
(This gives you a V3 nft, you can find the details in the transaction to add it to your wallet)

Use Uniswap V2 to add liquidty to the gETH/RFRM pool
(This gives you LP tokens)
You need to click "MORE when you’re on the pools tab, then you will see add V2 liquidity

Stake your LP tokens on testnet
Don’t click max to stake LP, you will get an error.
EX: If you have 0.2879438 LP tokens, change the amount you want to stake to 0.287
Claim those rewards

Sign up on Snapshot
Click on the “Voting” tab from testnet dashboard
Then “learn more”
Connect your wallet

(final step)

Unstake your RFRM & LP
Enter staking contract address into goerli etherscan
Staking contract: 0x6a1c92A4A4CBc133c9d679b21cC9eB5795e5b51C

  1. Click contract
  2. Click write contract
  3. Connect web 3 wallet
  4. Click #16. Withdraw
    Use these values to unstake RFRM:
    pid = 0
    lid = 0
    did = 1
    amount = 1

Use these values to Unstake LP:
pid = 1
lid = 0
did = 0
amount = 1111111111111111

after all these, you should be on 5/6 of task and i think for the 6th task, just go to reform dashbord and click unstake of single staking and Lp staking.
hope this helps and mind you, this was gotten from discord from an individual who helped me, if this works for you kindly comment when done. have a great weekend guys!