Did Anyone Completed 6 out 6 task?

Please tell me about it


im still 4/6, what about task 5 bro? can u tell me please


@falbiumriser @Jbvai
At the moment there are only 5 available task
The last task will be introduced during wave 3
And considering the task you will have to explore and find out yourselves
And discord is the better place to do so
Please join our discord community and explore this task yourselves


whats 4th task? I really couldnt figured out


I think we’re all at5/6

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only in the 3rd phase the 6 task will be available

**Did you completed 5th task.

If you did it please tell me the process? **

@Jbvai Follow this link to my post in discord


Thanks, completed all the steps but still says 3/6. Maybe it will refresh in a bit.

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Is the new wave not on yet?

I Just read on dc server. That there have been several members Who have completed their task and ended up in position 6/6… I think maybe task 6 ready But they still don’t want to tell the other member

i just posted how to do 5/6, check my discussion or page

I haven’t seen in Discord tho

i am struck at 5/6 …not able to find 6th task

me too, stiil searching

yes recently go 6/6. I guess 6th task was to unstake SSS and LP.

i have complete 6/6 tasks

I’m stuck at 4/6. What are the remaining tasks?

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Yes i did, got it done a whike ago